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8 reasons why Leo is happy with Complete Nursing

  1. CNHC is very welcoming, friendly and accommodating. I always have good conversations with my carers and CNHS staffs.
  2. CNHC is client centred. Support workers have treated me with care, attention and courteousness. My support workers have always put an emphasis on my right to choose my goals and interests.
  3. With Complete Nursing, I feel safe, stable and secure. I trust CNHC support worker’s ability and skills in supporting me. The carers I have are well trained and experienced in this sector.
  4. With CNHC, I feel relaxed because I feel like I have the freedom to do what I want to do like going out in the community while my daily needs and tasks are well supported.
  5. CNHC support workers respect me for who I am and what I am. I feel accepted and treated with care without any judgement.
  6. CNHC is composed of individuals who are not bossy and flexible. They always consider what I want before they do something else especially things that directly affects me. Hence, it makes me feel that I’m still the one in control.
  7. Complete Nursing makes me feel like a valued client. They always respond to my concern on time ensuring my needs are met.
  8. My support workers communicate to me with clear & polite manner. They also showed attentive listening to me while I am talking to them.
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