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HR Updates (April 2022)

CNHC Support Staff Submit Leave / Unavailability through MYP Pocketwatch

Please note we are introducing an easier way to submit your leave/unavailability in MYP Pocketwatch. Kindly use the following 6 stepsand do not add unavailability in your personal calendar.

1 On your myShift page and click View leave button.


2 Use create button to create new leave request.

3 Select your leave period.

4 Select Casual unavailability as the Leave Type.

5 Provide a reason in the Reason/details* field.

6 Submit the Request using Submit button.

*Please note If you have any questions with regards to this please do not hesitate to contact HR on 30 8560 3090.


KM allowance

  • You can record your kms travelled for work with a client in this section
  • You must provide your trip logs in the reason field
  • Add any Uber or parking costs for reimbursements by attaching receipts
  • Remember: Allowances can only be added before you check out of the shift
  • Remember : Always check with your Coordinator for pre-approval of mileage claims or reimbursements
  • NOTE : Please note you cannot claim travel in between the clients house

Check out CNHC Werribee fresh paint job!

See our vibrant and freshly painted CNHC Branch in Werribee at 38, Duncans Road, Werribee, it surely stands out now!!



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