Albert Hanke is 96 years old, almost 97, and has been with CNHC Cleveland since the beginning. 

Albert goes by Stan and lives with his wife Colleen, aged 89, in an independent living unit.

Stan has 2 older siblings, a brother and a sister. He was named after Prince Albert as his mother’s name was Victoria, but everyone has just called him Stan.

In his younger years, he lived on the South Island in New Zealand where Stan served in the armed forces.

Stan first visited Australia in 1952, moving here in 1955. When Stan and Colleen met at the Cloudland Dance Hall in Bowne Hills, it wasn’t love at first sight, but it grew into much more.

Stan and Colleen married in 1957, welcoming 3 children. They now have 4 grandchildren, and have just welcomed their 3rd great grandchild and couldn’t be any happier.

Stan was a part of the Commonwealth Occupation of Japan, he has travelled extensively, been a police office and home maker, and is a loving father and husband.

Stan loves going back to bed after breakfast. Says “When you get to my age you’ll be able to lie in
bed and listen to someone clean for you.”

He enjoys Chinese food and sweet treats, and they enjoy having wine and cheese when the facility puts it on.

Now they look forward to their weekly visit from Marilia, eating Chinese food and playing cards.
– Belinda Cassar, Client Services Manager

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