Recent Events (July 2022)

Queensland team lunch

We had our Queensland Company Lunch for office staff on the 9th of June, which was an inspiring and fun-filled day for all. Our three branches (Cleveland, North Brisbane and Gold Coast) all joined together for the day at our Gold Coast office, where we had a wonderful lunch and some quality time together. We even had a team bonding activity where we had to guess everyone’s baby photos which were fun!

Cleveland office had a team lunch in June 2022, where one of the Service Coordinators, Tom (who was an ex-chef), cooked a special lunch of beef stew.


1kg high-quality chuck eye roast, Cape grim or similar

Five tomatoes
1-litre beef stock unstated
Two tablespoons of unsalted butter
Two sticks celery
1 Brown onion
Four cloves Garlic
One bunch thyme
1.5 cup good red wine, i.e. pinot noir
1 Bay leaf
Worcestershire sauce
12 baby carrots and six potatoes
12 button mushrooms

Put the baking tray over medium heat, and seal the chuck until brown. Finely dice the onion, celery, carrots, garlic and sauté in the tray until brown. Add the red wine, and reduce for 3 minutes. Blend tomatoes and stock in a blender until smooth, then add to the tray. Reduce for 3 minutes. Add remainder of vegetables and herbs. Cover entirely and braise 100degrees for 13 hours. Take out of the oven, and add 2 tsp of Worcestershire sauce and butter. Add salt and pepper to taste.

HR/Recruitment/General Update (July 2022)

Welcome back

We are pleased to welcome back from their maternity leave – both Michelle Min and Karolina Bukarica, who have returned to their roles as Services Coordinators based in the CNHC Bundoora branch.

Recruitment Update

We want to welcome Tianna Sinni to the Recruitment Team at CNHC. Tianna joined on 25 July 2022 and will be based in the Bundoora Office, Victoria. Tianna will work alongside our Talent Acquisition Manager, Jonathon Bowman (based in Queensland), to support all recruitment needs across all CNHC branches.

Referral Bonus Scheme continues.

We want your feedback!

  • Would you like to see your face, team, or share any particular interest or event with the Company? Please make sure you help us identify all your beautiful faces. Send your best, high-resolution photos to, and we will choose a winner for each issue.
  • Please ensure you notify the HR team via if any of your details have changed or if you have any updated certificates such as CPR, First Aid, NDIS Screening Clearance, and Work Permits etc.


Katharine’s death Notice

Katharine, who has been with CNHC since January 2021, sadly passed away in the 1st week of June. All at the Hobart branch extended their sympathies to Katharine’s family and wished eternal rest to Katharine. Katharine’s Support Coordinator, Adele, has passed on the following message to Katharine’s support workers: Heartfelt thanks to all the lovely support staff that were a part of Katharine’s world. The girls made a difference in her life.


CNHC 3rd Annual Conference 2022

The office staff across the CNHC branches were pleased to gather for the 3rd Annual Conference on 24 June 2022 at the RACV Healesville venue.

The conference was well attended by most of the office staff across all branches from Victoria, Queensland, and Tasmania.

The theme for the conference was Resilience, along with embedding the CNHC values of RESPECT, INTEGRITY, QUALITY and COMMITMENT.

The day included presentations from the Management Team from all branches, and the Celebration Champions introducing the valuable work – they are doing in raising awareness across all branches of various events throughout the year, such as Neurodiversity Week in March and R U OK? Day in September.

The external speaker, Jacqui Cooper, former Australian Aerial Skier and Olympic Champion, provided an engaging and inspiring speech about resilience.









Our Employee Recognition Awards were presented to the following office staff for living the Company values in everything they do:

Tasmania – Fiona Rodrigo

Queensland – Nicole Cunningham

Victoria – Amie Longo

The conference concluded in the evening with a country and western theme and line dance-off competition between Victoria/Tasmania and Queensland states, seeing the winners Victoria/Tasmania taking the victory trophy.

It was an overall enjoyable and engaging conference, which enabled all CNHC Office staff across all branches to get together and celebrate the outstanding achievements from the last two years.

Celebration Champions

The Celebrations Champions are made up of Kristen & Karlee (VIC), Caitlyn (TAS), and Tara (QLD). We’re here to try and bring awareness to events that interest people and that they would like to see acknowledged.

Celebrating what makes us different and days of importance helps bring us together and get to know more about one other.

We recently gave a presentation at the CNHC Annual Conference in June, and it was great to be able to involve everyone in attendance and explain who we are and what we’re here to do.

You may see some emails with upcoming events or information coming your way, so be on the lookout!

Star of the month (June & July 2022)

Star of the Month (Queensland)


Julie Berwick

Julie has been a Complete Nursing and Homecare support worker since April 2021. Julie always goes above and beyond, covering shifts where she can; she always shows kindness and empathy and gives her very best each time she supports the participants.

When did you join CNHC? I started with CNHC in April 2021.

What do you love most about your job? I do not call what I do a job. I work for Complete Nursing, but people with disabilities are my passion; I love the people I support; they brighten my day with how full of life every one of them is. I go out every day. I do not go to work.

What is the major accomplishment you had after joining CNHC? To me, those accomplishments mean more than any major one. I have achievements every day; a smile, a laugh, and even direct statements from my clients tell me that I’m appreciated and that I support in every way that person needs.

What led you to this career? I do not think I chose disability. I believe disability chose me. It was easy as I have cousins growing up with disabilities, and unbeknown to me, I was support for them. I wanted to do anything I could to help and support my cousins, and I loved them to bits. They were and still are inspirations to me and the reasons why I love doing what I do.

How is our journey with CNHC so far? I love working for CNHC. The people I support are no 1; the places and activities I get to do with them are just great. The staff I work for in the Nerang office are excellent, so I could not ask for anything more.

What gets you out of bed faster than anything? Haha, my gorgeous fur baby gets me out of bed faster than anything. He needs to go to the toilet. Then coffee, then the thought of what today will hold.

What do you love about your home? What I love most about my home is that my family are there (both two-legged and four-legged children). My family are the world.

What gets you out of bed faster than anything? Haha, my gorgeous fur baby gets me out of bed faster than anything. He needs to go to the toilet. Then coffee, then the thought of what today will hold.

What do you never leave home without? I do not leave home without my car keys because if I did not have them, then I would not leave. I never leave home without my water bottle.

How do you prefer to end your day? I come home and hang outside with my dogs for ages. I also finish my day by chatting with family about how their days have gone.

What show are you currently binge-watching? Oh my goodness, my binge show at the moment is vampire diaries.


Nominee of the Month


Kaitlyn Beaver (Queensland)

Kaitlyn has been a Complete Nursing and Homecare support worker since December 2021. Within this time, Kaitlyn has proven to have a “can do “attitude, showing initiative, respect and empathy toward all those that she supports.





Casey Arnold (Tasmania)

Casey has been working with Complete Nursing and Home Care since January 2021. She started her career with CNHC as a Disability Support Worker and now has progressed in her career as a Team Planning Support Worker in a complex care program. Casey has been a reliable, professional and committed support worker working alongside participants and their families. The TAS team greatly values Casey’s dedication and teamwork skills.





Jessica Ashton (Victoria)

Jessica has only started with CNHC recently, but we have received great feedback from all her participants and other support workers working with her. Jessica has shown to be incredibly reliable and shows great initiative.

Thank you Fiona Rodrigo

Hi, my name is Fiona, and I am from the CNHC Hobart office. To commemorate the National Blood Donor Week, which was between 13th June – 19th June, I rolled up my sleeve to complete my 3rd blood donation to save lives. The feeling of being able to give life/ save lives makes me a committed blood donor. Like many, I was nervous about having needles, but after having my first tattoo, I gained the confidence to sleeve up for a little sting for a second to help save the lives of those in need, and I took the Bloody Oath to be a regular donor. According to the lifeblood statistics, “A new blood donor is needed every 4 minutes”. Let’s sleeve up to help those in need, as one donation can save up to 3 lives. So why not? The feeling of the little prick is worth it.



Participant Stories (July 2022)

Our Participant stories (Gold coast)

Joe Guinea

Meet Joe. Joe has been with Complete Nursing and Homecare since January 2021.

The picture above shows Joe with his support worker John at his Equine Assisted Therapy, where Joe enjoys spending time with the horses doing all sorts of different activities.


Warren and Wayne Brown

Meet Warren and Wayne; the twins have been with complete Nursing and Homecare since September 2019. Warren and Wayne love going out to the community and are always looking for new and exciting activities to do. The above photos show the twins in the racing car at Game over Helensvale and having fun together at Putt Putt Golf.

Our Participant story (Tasmania)

Braydon Gebel 

Braydon Gebel has been with the CNHC Tasmania branch since December 2020. He is very excited to share his weight loss journey and some of his pictures where he was competing in the 33rd National Disability Championships. Recent accomplishments of Braydon apart from his weight loss journey were that he had attended a Jack jumpers Basketball game, helped retired Greyhound get used to noises in places like Bunnings and attended V8 supercars, not to forget he is also a red bull fan. Before Braydon commenced receiving support from Complete Nursing and Home Care, he had been quite unwell, struggling to stay awake at work and struggling to get out and about the community. Braydon believes that CNHC was also a part of his weight loss journey, and his journey was a mix of gym sessions and preparing and having healthy, nutritious food. We also would like to thank his carer, Katrina, for her endless support for Braydon in achieving his goals.

Braydon has also participated in a 5Km colour Frenzy fundraiser and attended his beloved Hawthorn Game. Keep up the great work, Braydon!!

Meet our new staff members July 2022

New Queensland Office Staff

Hetal Jani (Accounts Administrator)

Hello, my name is Hetal Jani; I am Accounts Administrator based at the CNHC Cleveland Office. I am friendly, creative, and always eager to learn new skills.

I have almost nine years of experience in this field. I am outgoing, dedicated, and open-minded. I get across to people and adjust to changes with ease. I believe that a person should work on developing their professional skills and constantly learning new things.

My free time activities to relieve stress are volunteering in the community, music, cooking, playing badminton, and travelling. I am extremely overwhelmed to be a part of this wonderful company and a great team. I see this opportunity as a way to contribute as a step to bigger and better things.



New Queensland Support Workers (from May 2022)

Aaron, Amanda B, Astrid, Bethany, Christina, Christopher, Isabella, Kathleen, Lynn, Naomi, Rosa, Sinni, Tina, Tyra

Graham, Leanne, Prue, Sally, Symone, Cara, Matthew, John Chris

Staff Celebration (June & July 2022)

Here’s wishing all June and July Birthday babies a very Happy Birthday!

Queensland Office Staff: Tara, Elouise, Nichole, Jonathon, Nichole, Jonathon and Eloise

Queensland Support Workers: Alexa, Bernard, Bradley, Brittany, Carolyn, Chisom, Dean, Dorie, Harpreet, Karen, Kylie, Lynda, Philip, Tiffany, Tracy, Trevor, Ujwal, Vicki, Yvonne, Christopher Canham, Cynthia, Gary, Gemma Y, Graham, Indiana, Isabella, Katherine, Laura, Navdeep, Niroj, Paul D, Shiree, and Tyra

Victoria Office Staff: Kristen, Satu, Princess, Michelle, Tini, Renata, Karlee, Rifat, Blayne

Victoria Support Workers: Jashanpreet Kaur, Muna, Lewis, Vannie, Eleni, Analine, Carlo Francis, Shekhar, Akiko, Nasim, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Mun Fatt, Narayan, Lameck, Chloe, Mitchell Paul, Shiela, Stewart, Nisha, Jessica, Joseph, John Rymar, Reynald, Nakita, Navpreet, Enrico, Joel Enrico, Jezellee, Rajvir, Dorina, Claresta, Carlos, Shelley Elizabeth, Carmen Gloria, John Rey

Tasmania Support Workers: Sunil, Leonard, Toni-Lee, Avijeet, Kaycee

Tasmania Office Workers: Caitlyn


Office updates (June 2022)

Complete Insight

Quarter 1 Update

Company Value: Respect – Review communication across all levels of the company

76% of people who completed the survey strongly agreed / agreed that they are receiving respectful and honest communication from all levels of management across the Company.

We have analyzed all the great feedback we received and will be working on an action plan to implement some changes to address the required themes identified!

We wanted to provide an overview of what these will include and will advise as the action plan is finalized:

  • Team Building Opportunities and training across all levels of staff
  • Events Calendar – We will be setting up an events committee who will assist in organising all Company events (if you are interested in volunteering to join the events committee, please contact the HR team)
  • Staff Management – a review of communication across all levels will be completed and improvements will be introduced. This may include an Online Resources Library, Communication Forums, utilising MYP more efficiently to support with communication

All feedback was constructive and valuable, and we appreciate everyone taking the time to complete the survey.



Quarter 2 – Staff Survey Launched on 9 May 2022

The second staff survey for 2022 focuses on the Company Value – INTEGRITY.

We will be analyzing all the responses received from this survey and will provide an update on the outcome at the end of August 2022.

Positive Feedback from another provider for Complete Nursing and Home Care (Cleveland)

Our Cleveland Team received some fabulous feedback from another provider, FIRST Service in April 2022.  The Cleveland Team has been supporting our client alongside this other provider for a while and as of April 2022, Complete Nursing and Home Care will be the sole provider.

The feedback received was as follows:

“Based on the interactions with Complete Nursing and Home Care and having the opportunity to support the client, Marco several times over the past months, I have no doubt Marco is thriving, happier and content under Complete Nursing and Home Care’s care. Belinda and her team in Cleveland are a credit to the organisation & the professional and genuine support they provide.”

Great to have another provider boost about us! Great work Cleveland!