HR Updates (April 2022)

CNHC Support Staff Submit Leave / Unavailability through MYP Pocketwatch

Please note we are introducing an easier way to submit your leave/unavailability in MYP Pocketwatch. Kindly use the following 6 stepsand do not add unavailability in your personal calendar.

1 On your myShift page and click View leave button.


2 Use create button to create new leave request.

3 Select your leave period.

4 Select Casual unavailability as the Leave Type.

5 Provide a reason in the Reason/details* field.

6 Submit the Request using Submit button.

*Please note If you have any questions with regards to this please do not hesitate to contact HR on 30 8560 3090.


KM allowance

  • You can record your kms travelled for work with a client in this section
  • You must provide your trip logs in the reason field
  • Add any Uber or parking costs for reimbursements by attaching receipts
  • Remember: Allowances can only be added before you check out of the shift
  • Remember : Always check with your Coordinator for pre-approval of mileage claims or reimbursements
  • NOTE : Please note you cannot claim travel in between the clients house

Check out CNHC Werribee fresh paint job!

See our vibrant and freshly painted CNHC Branch in Werribee at 38, Duncans Road, Werribee, it surely stands out now!!



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Job Vacancies

Victoria Vacancies:

  • Kew East – Young Female Support Worker
  • Bendigo (Korong Vale/Webberburn) – Male Support Worker
  • Melbourne Norther Suburb – Male Support Worker
  • Point Cook – Female Support Worker
  • Sunshine – Young Female Support Worker
  • Bundoora – Female Support Worker

Queensland Vacancies:

  • Male Supporters workers with at least minimum Support Work Experience for the Southern Gold Coast
  • Female Support Workers with any level of experience in the North Brisbane/Zillmere area

Job Fair Event

On Wednesday 23rd of March Complete Nursing Home Care’s Queensland team was lucky enough to attend The Department of Education, Skills and Employment Brisbane South East Jobs Fair, the first face to face jobs fair since Covid began!!!

The job fair was the first proper opportunity to connect companies with Jobseekers and students on a large scale and it really showed a great turn-out by all involved.

With presentations and workshops across the day by various agencies across different industries, as well as the constant flow of eager applicants with resumes’ this was a golden opportunity for Complete Nursing and Home Care QLD to keep working hard and getting our name out there. With a booth manned by 2 of our HR team (and goodies to offer), we saw a number of promising applicants across the day that we look forward to joining the CNHC Team soon! As well as many students completing their Certificates wanting to get their foot in the door of such a great company.

With lower than normal numbers over the last few years due to Covid, as well as a lack of opportunity to meet face to face, it was great to be back out there and amongst the crowds and the energy certainly was felt by all. We here in the QLD branch are excited by how this first opportunity out has gone and are excited about what is still to come.


On Wednesday 13th of April, Complete Nursing Home Care’ had another great opportunity to attend our second Jobs Fair for 2022. This was hosted on the Gold Coast providing us with a chance to meet with Jobseekers, students, and providers. With over 1,000 Jobseekers registered for the event, this resulted in a huge turnout and amazing atmosphere. We got to meet candidates from all walks of life, some who were experienced and some who were brand new to the industry but all eager to learn about support work.

Our booth was yet again manned by our enthusiastic QLD HR team, who took the chance to have some great conversations, learning lots along the way. The chance to be working face-to-face gave a positive and exciting energy to the crowds, making for a successful and enjoyable day.

It is such an exciting time in the disability sector, and we cannot wait to experience more of these events as the year goes on.

CNHC are continuing to become bigger and better, and we are so excited to apart of this growth.

Two Jobs Fairs down, bring on the rest!!!

Bendigo Bus Advert (Bendigo)

Bendigo has recently had a bus advert designed and posted, this bus advert is on one bus that will do the routes all around Bendigo and surrounding areas for 13 weeks, if you happen to be in the area, keep an eye out!


Meet our new staff members

Meet our new office workers




Tara Burns – Service Coordinator (Brendale office)

I am many things, a Fiancé, a Mum of three boys, Mason (6-year-old), Jax (4-year-old) and Cooper (20-month-old), Service Coordinator, Nurse, Chef, Councillor, Cleaner, Uber. You name it, I am it 😊  I was in nursing for 5 years and have 6 years of previous retail management experience. I go to the gym and love being outdoors but also prefer my own space with a book and a cup of tea (such a granny). I have my own business online in Health and Wellness with a holistic health platform and have been running this for 12 months now. I love a challenge and I can be quite stubborn. I came into my current role after working nightshift and working casually as a Disability Support Worker. I was looking for a role that gives me a sense of community and a physical/tangible team.




Artika Kumari

I am a certified project management disciple with a master’s in computing science and a proven record in valued-based programs delivery through commitment, shared purpose, and achievement of enterprise goals. Adaptable, self-driven, results-oriented, and able to make decisions under high pressure. Originally from Fiji, I have moved to Melbourne to complete my master’s in digital health.  I am passionate about inventing technological solutions to aid health care practice. Extensive education and 12+ years of experience in Business Intelligence, database administration, application development, digitalization, business process reengineering, people management, problem-solving, strategic planning, and communication skills.  Looking forward to working with the team and learning and growing together with all.


Welcome our new support workers


  • Ramon
  • Yadeni
  • Subbulakshmi
  • Karlen
  • Joanne
  • Talvinder
  • Amal
  • Venessa
  • Manisha
  • Jasper Gorgon


  • Adil
  • Esther
  • Marina

Please help us make our new office and support staff feel welcome to the Team at CNHC!!

Staff Celebrations (April 2022)

Here’s wishing all March Birthday babies a very Happy Birthday!

QLD Support Workers: Kaitlyn, Breannah, Owen, Victoria, Mitchell, Zesty, Siena, William, Julie, Jennifer Feldwick, David, Memory, Stacey, Jennifer Kerr, Maria.

VIC Office Staff: Artika, Sanjida, Paras, Alexandra.

VIC Support Workers: Margaret, Lynda, Carlos, Vilca, Carmen, Christian, Ivy, Maria Irma, Louis Ivan, Sheila Poquito, joseph Del, Nicole Wood, Hang Thi, Tahnee Nicole, Anoja, Rebekah, Subbulakshmi, Talvinder, Ramon Jed, Yadeni.

TAS Support Workers: Esther, Marina, Leah, Loan.


Shout out to all our long-serving staff members who have been with CNHC for 5 years!!

VIC Office Staff: Mariedel, Marjorie, Amie.

VIC Support Workers: Tania, Margaret, Lynda, Jennifer, Claresta, Pallavi, Yvette, Carlos, Gurpreet, Mclaine, Danijela, Geethamani, Diana, Leo, Danielle, Kerrie, Maximo, Trixie, Mun, Joel, Gilbert, Sarah, Janette, Namco, Jess Anna, Sandra, Tecie, Liying, June Isabelle, Vince Niel, Kevin.




Star of the Month and other nominees (April 2022)

Star of the Month and other nominees (April 2022)

Star of the month – Zerubbabel Gudia

CNHC is blessed to have some truly exceptional talent amongst our field and office staff. This is what enables us to deliver quality care to our participants. Every month we try to identify a Support worker/RN who has earned remarkable praise from a shortlist submitted by either the coordination team/participants/support coordinators. The Star of the Month is someone who embodies the company values of ‘Respect, Integrity, Quality and Commitment’.  For this month we have Zerubbabel Gudia.

1. When did you join CNHC? 

I started with CNHC in April 2019.

2. What do you love most about your job?

The part I love about my job is the thought of being able to help and support the participants for them to meet their goals. Their happy faces give me the validation that I was able to do my job efficiently.

3. What is the major accomplishment you had after joining CNHC?

 It could be to know that the participants are happy working with me as well as my efforts are acknowledged by them.

4. What lead you to this career?

CNHC was introduced to me by my friends who have been happily working in the industry.

5. How is our journey with CNHC so far?

 I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity. There are challenges along the way but you just have to look at the positive side of it then you’ll get through it.

6. What gets you out of bed faster than anything?

It’s my alarm. There is no way I could extend my sleep.

7. What do you love about your home?

 The thing I love about home is having the luxury of time to rest and relax.

8. What do you never leave home without?

Phone, key and mask.

9. How do you prefer to end your day?

A call from family back home or a sweet treat for a long day.

10. What show are you currently binge-watching?

 I had always been a fan of Korean series but I stopped for a while because they make me sleepless.

Meet our other nominees


Maylyn Candelario 

Support Worker (VIC)

Maylyn is patient-focused, and motivated and has shown great enthusiasm for supporting her client. She acts in a professional manner, and is very responsive and proactive in client care while building rapport with them. She is always open to challenges offered which are evident in how dynamic her clienteles are. Consequently, she also cooperates with and works well within a team. She’s an absolute gem of CNHC.






Mustafa Afshin

Support Worker (VIC)

Mustafa is extremely motivated and goes above and beyond for his participants. He is willing to travel far to support the participants that he has built a great rapport with and I have received positive feedback in regards him often from both his participants and their families.





Dream Come True

Tre’s dream and goal since the age of 13yrs old was to get into modelling and be a model for clothing.

Tre said that until now he has not had the support to follow this dream!

With the support of the NDIS and his Complete Nursing and Home Care support person Tre has the support now needed to follow up on his modelling dream. With the support of his support workers Tre has commenced putting together a portfolio of photos which he has been sharing on Instagram and other social media in the hope that an agency might see his potential and kick off his modelling career. Tre will continue to expand his portfolio of photos with the assistance of his support worker.

Tre is also exploring other options such as approaching modelling agency and exploring opportunities to engage in a modelling course to increase his chances.

Tre wanted to share a photo recently taken for his portfolio, we are very excited for Tre as we know how passionate he is about progressing towards a career in modelling.


    Further to recent communications, we can now confirm – based on advice from the
    Commonwealth Government that disability workers are eligible in the current phase
    (Phase 1b) of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. This phase of the rollout commenced from
    the 22nd March, 2021.
    Having the vaccine is completely voluntary and also completely free.

8 reasons why Leo is happy with Complete Nursing

  1. CNHC is very welcoming, friendly and accommodating. I always have good conversations with my carers and CNHS staffs.
  2. CNHC is client centred. Support workers have treated me with care, attention and courteousness. My support workers have always put an emphasis on my right to choose my goals and interests.
  3. With Complete Nursing, I feel safe, stable and secure. I trust CNHC support worker’s ability and skills in supporting me. The carers I have are well trained and experienced in this sector.
  4. With CNHC, I feel relaxed because I feel like I have the freedom to do what I want to do like going out in the community while my daily needs and tasks are well supported.
  5. CNHC support workers respect me for who I am and what I am. I feel accepted and treated with care without any judgement.
  6. CNHC is composed of individuals who are not bossy and flexible. They always consider what I want before they do something else especially things that directly affects me. Hence, it makes me feel that I’m still the one in control.
  7. Complete Nursing makes me feel like a valued client. They always respond to my concern on time ensuring my needs are met.
  8. My support workers communicate to me with clear & polite manner. They also showed attentive listening to me while I am talking to them.