Merry Christmas and our Stars of the season


It’s that time of year again, another year has gone by and we would like to say a big thank you to all our wonderful clients and support staff. Complete Nursing and Home Care has seen some big changes throughout 2018 with many positive improvements in how we continue to provide excellent and safe care to all of our clients. Merry Christmas everyone and a Happy New Year.

From all the staff at Complete Nursing and Home Care.

Stars of the season

A big thank you to all our wonderful stars for their hard work and dedication. We truly appreciate all your efforts and hard work. It is great to have a team of dedicated support workers who performed above and beyond. Our clients were highly satisfied with the quality of services offered by these support workers.

Our Stars of the Season are:

  • Khalil Catabay
  • Sandhya Dheke
  • Lewis Olekalns

These are support staff who go above and beyond to assist their clients in working towards their goals.

Gaylene visits

Gaylene is one of our longest standing participants. She loves to visit us all here in the office and always brings a cake for us to snack on. Gaylene loves being independent and accessing the community ad often as possible to do her shopping and attend appointments with the assistance of her most regular support worker Wilo. (Far Left)

I AM ABLE Awareness Week 27/11/18-3/12/18

The I Am Able initiative aims to address the marginalisation and discrimination of people with disabilities in the Commonwealth’s 52 countries.

The campaign involves educational outreach, myth-busting on social media, and leadership training for young people with physical, mental and learning disabilities.

Leading disability rights advocates involved in the campaign this week met with senior officials from the Commonwealth Secretariat in London.

Giving her backing to the initiative, Commonwealth Deputy Secretary-General Josephine Ojiambo said, “The Commonwealth Secretariat will keep working side-by-side with the Commonwealth Youth Council and support initiatives like the #IamABLE campaign to ensure the voices of young people with disabilities influence both the Commonwealth and national development agendas.”

The Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Festival – Monday December 3rd

The Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Festival is a unique community event that promotes and celebrates physically active lifestyles for people of all abilities.

The festival offers Victorians with, and without, disability the opportunity to explore and experience accessible and inclusive sport and recreation through hands-on activities and information sharing.

Come and try every adaptive sport imaginable, meet Paralympians and discover the joy of movement at this free, accessible, family-friendly event.

10 advantages of growing and eating your own fruit and vegetables

10. Colour and texture: Fruit and veggies add COLOUR, TEXTURE ….. and appeal… to your plate

9. Convenience:  Fruits and veggies are nutritious in any form – fresh, frozen, dried and 100% juice, so they are ready when you are!

8. Fibre: Fruit and veggies provide fibre that helps fill you up and keeps your digestive system happy 😊

7. Low in Calories: Fruit and Veggies are naturally low in calories

6.Many Reduce Disease Risk:  Eating plenty of fruit and veggies may reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease and high blood pressure.

5. Vitamins& Minerals:  Fruits and veggies are rich in vitamins and minerals that help you feel healthy and energised.

4. Varity: Fruits and veggies are available in an almost infinite variety……. There’s always something new to try.

3. Quick, Natural Snack: Fruits and veggies are nature’s treat and easy to grab for a tasty treat.

2. Fun to Eat:  Some crunch, some squirt, some you peel……and some grow right in your back yard, front yard, sideway, your patio or balcony!!!

1.Fruit and Veggies are nutritious AND delicious………………..

How animal contact can have a positive impact on our health

Animals can play an important role in many peoples lives. In Addition to seeing-eye dogs and Service Dogs, animals can also be used in occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical rehabilitation to help clients recover. Aside from these designated therapeutic roles, animals are also valued as companions, which can certainly affect the quality of our lives. Is that companionship beneficial to our health?

Companion animals may improve heart health by lowering blood pressure and regulating the heart rate during stressful situations. A 2002 study showed that people with a dog or cat have lower resting heart rates and blood pressure measures than non-pet owners. The findings indicated that having a dog or cat lowers the risk of heart disease, as well as lowering stress.

Researchers have also used animals to temporarily provide companionship to children with health or mental health problems, or elderly people who may not have the energy or resources for a live-in pet. While these studies do not always have consistent results, some positive findings of interacting with a therapy dog include reduced levels of pain and anxiety among hospitalised children and adults, as well as increased focus and interaction among children with autism and other developmental disorders. In residential facility settings, interaction with visiting dogs has led to more social behaviours, more interaction among residents, and less loneliness.