Our participant, Robert, out and about getting a haircut

Bundoora, Victoria
Meet Robert!
Meet our long-time participant, Robert, who loves going out in the community every single day. His favourite places to go are Northland, McDonalds, Parks, and Coffee Shops.

He loves his workers Nasim & Danijela and looks forward to his daily outings. He enjoys a cup of tea, talking to other residents and/or watching TV. He sometimes visits his family on a special occasion.

Robert plans on buying a wallet and watch when he goes out again. Here’s a photo of Robert very happy getting a haircut.

Bundoora, Victoria
Connie’s Birthday Surprise at CNHC!
With the help of Connie’s Support Worker Subbu, we were able to surprise Connie with a birthday cake at the Bundoora office. Subbu was amazing and made enough biryani to feed an army… it was delicious that we all went back for seconds, Connie lit up the room with her banter and she seemed to really enjoy the celebrations.

A big thank you for Subbu for the food and consideration of making it a special day for Connie. She really takes pride in her role as a support worker and adds a little extra to captivate those she works with.

Keep up the positivity Subbu!

Connie (front), Subbu (left), Karolina (right)
Connie, her Support Worker Subbu, and staff from CNHC
Our participant, Adele, ready for her birthday party

Hobart, Tasmania
Happy Birthday Adele!
Adele commenced receiving Short Term Accommodation (STA) Supports from CNHC in June 2023, and has been enjoying her stay in our SIL property in Claremont.

Adele has recently received the NDIS approval for Supported Independent Living and is opted to continue receiving SIL supports from CNHC.

Adele is happy about her move to her new SIL house in Claremont and is happily receiving supports from her regular workers, who helps Adele achieve her goals.

Adele is pictured dressed up and ready to attend her 40th Birthday party at her friend’s house.

Happy Birthday Adele!


Victoria and Tasmania
2023 Annual Conference
On Friday 14th July 2023, staff from our Victoria and Tasmania branches got together at the RACV Country Club and Resort in Healesville, Victoria.

The theme of this year’s conference was “Purpose”, leading on from last year’s theme “Resilience”.

We had presentations by staff and management and ran some great activities about how to find your purpose both in your professional and personal lives.

We had an amazing guest speaker come out and talk to us, Joel Sardi, a former Australian Army Rifleman who sustained a life changing injury off duty and resulted in him being classified as a “C-5” Quadriplegic. Joel told us about his story and what he’s had to overcome and how his purpose has changed throughout his life so far.

After lunch we settled in to do a painting activity and test everyone’s creativity. Everyone had a blast interpreting the instructions in their own way to create their own unique spin!

After having some free time and relaxing, we met back up for dinner. The food served was fantastic! Our Operations Manager Sharyn, presented the annual Employee Recognition Awards. This year’s winners were Blayne from Victoria and Caitlyn from Tasmania.

Everyone had a great time singing and dancing the night away in such a beautiful location.

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