Stories from our Participants

Bundoora, Victoria
Meet Malcolm!
Malcolm Thompson is a young man who lives with Autism, Giulio is his primary support worker from CNHC and has been assisting Malcolm with all his community access desires, they have been working together for over one year. The focus of the shift is community access and engagement.

Throughout the shift Malcolm likes to go to McDonalds, living legends to look at the horses, go to a cafe for a hot chocolate, but most of all Malcolm loves planes.

Malcolm and Guilio will go to Essendon fields to observe planes taking off and landing, they have found different areas that provides an ideal viewing spots, such as Westfield rooftop car park. One of Malcolm’s greatest goals is to be able to fly in a plan one day.

He is currently working towards this goal and a potential charity flight may be in the works.

Bundoora, Victoria
Out and About with Connie
Connie Giompapa attends the MS group on Monday’s and most Fridays. This group has been formulated around participant engagement within the group.

The MS group allows for members to be apart of conversations, games, and sharing foods and lunch. Each week the community hall location changes.

On Fridays the group will access community-based activity’s such as National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and other expeditions. Connie enjoys going to the MS group each week as she is the star of the show.

Bundoora, Victoria
Meet Maree!
My name is Maree Ireland. In 2019 I joined Scope’s Communication Inclusion Resource Centre working as a Communication assessor and Trainer.

We work with mainstream organisations and services to assess how they interact with people who use different methods of communication, for example a Light writer or communication board. We than provide training and then reassess them regularly.

From 1972 to 1986 I worked in a disability workshop for 13 years. From 1987 to 1994 I did a law degree at Melbourne University. In 1986 I completed the Leo Cussens Legal Practice Training Course. I have worked in disability advocacy for 35 years and then moved into disability training.

My support workers assist me to get ready for work, both online and in the office. They assist me with personal care tasks and often take notes for me.

Bundoora, Victoria
Murray is MOTIVATED!
After the many lockdowns I realised my fitness had suffered and I was feeling a bit down. It was like a switch had been flicked and I decided I wanted to make my health and fitness a priority.

I started to set goals for myself. I began exercising and making better choices around food. I really enjoy gymnastic workouts, indoor rock climbing and weightlifting.

Rahul (my support worker) enables me to attain my goals by accompanying me to the gym, indoor rock-climbing centers, trampoline centers and more.

Rahul has also been taking me shopping, so I can purchase healthy food options that sustain me throughout the week.

I feel very grateful for the support I receive from Rahul and Complete Nursing, and I am feeling great about achieving my goals.

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