Cleveland, Queensland
The morning of Friday 16th September, a tree fell over a client’s driveway, and they could not leave.
Tom, Max & Caysie jumped into action!
Tom on saw and Caysie clearing the debris.
Such an amazing team!
Belinda Cassar – Client Services Manager, Cleveland

Gold Coast, Queensland
Exciting News!
I am proud to announce the engagement of my eldest son Lachlan to Abbigayle , they are very happy.
Bel Bakes – Client Services Manager, Gold Coast

Brisbane North, Queensland
Our Participant, Jen King is an artist and enjoys anything art and craft, she often comes into the branch to visit. She brought in artwork for our office, and she is onto her second one. She is about to embark on an international trip to Japan with her Support worker from CNHC.
Trisha Jardine – Client Services Manager, Brisbane North

Hobart, Tasmania
Meet Garin!! Garin has been with Complete Nursing and Home Care Pty Ltd since June 2021. In the picture is Garin and his regular support worker Leonard on a community access shift enjoying their regular outing. Garin loves identifying activities of interest to him within his community.
Fiona Rodrigo – Client Services Team Leader, Hobart


Events Committee
CNHC has launched an events committee for all our staff and Participants to feel special in their own way, The Events committee will work in conjunction with the Media Team and Celebration Team.

The Events committee will be the leading force in all participant’s and staff events both locally and nationally with Christmas right around the corner no better way to start now, Look out for your invite to a Christmas party!

Our events committee members are:
•             Trisha Jardine
•             Katina Pfingst
•             Tom Simson
•             Emma Johnston
•             Elouise Martin
•             Casey Arnold
•             Alysia Kamaric
•             Jessica Ashton
•             Kusum Vishwakarma
•             Marjorie Togores

If you would like to Join we are always looking for members to join the committee, if anyone has any suggestions please bring them forward either contact Trisha Jardine – or call (07) 35679857.
Cant wait to celebrating with you all soon!
Trisha Jardine – Client Services Manager, Brisbane North

Melton Expo 14th October 2022
Complete Nursing and Home Care took part in promoting and supporting the local community of Melton as we set up a stall and provided information to those who attended the expedition. Complete Nursing and Home Care delivered information to seniors, carers and people living with a disability as well as networking with other services in the area.

The event was a huge success with attendees signing up for employment, carers advising they would consider joining our service and networking with valuable services that will no doubt produce a strong relationship. 

The day was full of fun and entertainment and free food. Complete Nursing and Home Care were supported by our Project manager, Sharyn, our intake and incident management officer, Jessica and myself.
Rifat Gedik – Business Development Manager, Victoria

R U OK? Day 2022
On the 8th of September 2022, Complete Nursing and Home Care hosted events celebrating and giving awareness to R U OK? Day.

R U OK? is a harm prevention charity that encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives.

This year, we have been focussing more on our health and Complete Wellness, we wanted everyone to get involved and create an opportunity to facilitate socialisation, friendships, and awareness on wellbeing.  

Across all offices at Complete Nursing and Home Care, we decorated with posters and balloons and opened our doors for everyone who wanted to pop in. We wanted everyone to come spend some time with us, have a cuppa, a snack or win some R U OK? Prizes! We saw many of you, and it was a great day playing R U OK themed games and giving people the time and space to ask someone or themselves R U OK?

We look forward to hosting it again and seeing you there next year!

We would also like to remind you that you can start the conversation any day of year, not just this one day. You can find out more by visiting:
Kristen, Caitlyn, Karlee, & Tara – Celebrations Champions

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