General Office Updates

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Office updates (June 2022)

Complete Insight

Quarter 1 Update

Company Value: Respect – Review communication across all levels of the company

76% of people who completed the survey strongly agreed / agreed that they are receiving respectful and honest communication from all levels of management across the Company.

We have analyzed all the great feedback we received and will be working on an action plan to implement some changes to address the required themes identified!

We wanted to provide an overview of what these will include and will advise as the action plan is finalized:

  • Team Building Opportunities and training across all levels of staff
  • Events Calendar – We will be setting up an events committee who will assist in organising all Company events (if you are interested in volunteering to join the events committee, please contact the HR team)
  • Staff Management – a review of communication across all levels will be completed and improvements will be introduced. This may include an Online Resources Library, Communication Forums, utilising MYP more efficiently to support with communication

All feedback was constructive and valuable, and we appreciate everyone taking the time to complete the survey.



Quarter 2 – Staff Survey Launched on 9 May 2022

The second staff survey for 2022 focuses on the Company Value – INTEGRITY.

We will be analyzing all the responses received from this survey and will provide an update on the outcome at the end of August 2022.

Positive Feedback from another provider for Complete Nursing and Home Care (Cleveland)

Our Cleveland Team received some fabulous feedback from another provider, FIRST Service in April 2022.  The Cleveland Team has been supporting our client alongside this other provider for a while and as of April 2022, Complete Nursing and Home Care will be the sole provider.

The feedback received was as follows:

“Based on the interactions with Complete Nursing and Home Care and having the opportunity to support the client, Marco several times over the past months, I have no doubt Marco is thriving, happier and content under Complete Nursing and Home Care’s care. Belinda and her team in Cleveland are a credit to the organisation & the professional and genuine support they provide.”

Great to have another provider boost about us! Great work Cleveland!


Complete Nursing