Dear all,

Acacia have created a Self-Care Handbook which is available here:
There are activities and reflection prompts included in the handbook.

Please also find attached the Wellbeing Calendar for 2023. These are the focus topics for Acacia’s tip sheets and webinars this year. Please note that in addition to the topics that are listed in the calendar, Acacia will still be releasing resources on other event-related topics as a separate campaign i.e., Pride Month, R U Ok? Day, Mental Health Month, etc.

We hope that you are managing to find the services and resources available through Acacia useful. As a reminder the services you have access to through Acacia are as follows:
· Your EAP involves short term counselling of up to 4 counselling sessions per employee and your immediate family/a family member per year.
· You also have access to holistic support services which includes financial coaching, nutritional support, and a legal referral service, this is for employees and immediate family per year.
· Financial coaching – helps with managing financial difficulties and budgeting (2 sessions per year)
· Nutritional support – managing your health and wellbeing through food and lifestyle modification (2 sessions per year)
· Legal referral – assists with short term legal referral to necessary legal services (2 sessions per year)

Additional resources are available through the online member’s area:
Username:  CompleteNursing
Password: Acacia

To receive Acacia EAP’s monthly newsletter please click here to register your details:

Managers also have access to the Acacia manager support resource. Please do not hesitate to contact the HR team should you have any questions with regards to the above.

Acacia have also provided us with helpful tip sheets on the topic of Financial Wellbeing:
Mind and Money Tip Sheet
Financial Stress Tip Sheet
Rising Cost of Living Tip Sheet