General Information

Note to Support Workers: When you need to make changes to your scheduled shifts, please call your local office directly. Please DO NOT text the Service Coordinators as the message may be missed or not seen for some time.

By calling the office directly, you can be assured that your request will be actioned promptly.

Manual Handling Training for Support Workers
In Victoria, we have commenced our first Manual Handling Training with 4 of our motivated Support Workers, and it all went well. We will be running these training sessions every couple of weeks for our Support Workers and will include some photos in our next issue of our newsletter so stay tuned! 


Queensland Field Staff: Kefitanesh, Natasja, Pascaline, Antoinette, Jordan, Bartosz, Rasha, Shalu, Christina, Erin, Akuot, Paula, Sanjay, Apophia, Sue, Reema, Luke, Caleb, Naomi, James, Rosa
Victoria Field Staff: Fatouma, Vanessa, Karim, Kerrie, Seema, Jake, Anoja, Senait, Ayan, Christian Daryl, Jyoti, Sumandeep, Rahul, Linna, David, Russell, Kulwant, Elle, Lisa, Ceasar, Pallavi
Tasmania Field Staff: Jaspreet, Dilshan, Rajat, Sirpreet, Alice

Queensland Office Staff: Belinda, Patricia
Victoria Office Staff: Amie

Queensland Field Staff: Aiswarya, Anne, James, Christopher, Joy, Melanie, Elvin, Emily, Lynn, Timothy, Monique, Samantha
Victoria Field Staff: Gideon, Mary Grace, Andrew, Suchita, Ivy, Bianca, Gloria, Gurpreet, Rupinder, Sunil, Lou Van, Edith, Roann, Jessa Anna Ma, Kurt Russell, Ravi
Tasmania Field Staff: Anne, Kushal, Kai Hsuan, Rubesh, Punam, Divya

Queensland Office Staff: Katina
Victoria Office Staff: Sharyn
Tasmania Office Staff: Casey

Star of the Month

Justine McCulloch – Hobart, Tasmania
Justine has been with CNHC since April 2021, and has been helping to cover shifts with one of our complex Participants in a time where her assistance was greatly needed. She is very committed and is proactive with communicating her participant needs.

When did you join CNHC?
April 2021

What do you love most about your job?
I love being out in the community, making a difference and meeting all our participants.

What is the major accomplishment you had after joining CNHC?
I have worked on some very complex programs and feel like I have made a positive impact to their lives. I have built firm friendships and believe I am a reliable and flexible worker and earnt the respect of my colleagues.

What lead you to this career?
I love helping people and feeling like I am making a difference.

How is your journey with CNHC so far?
My journey so far has been extremely rewarding … the best career change I have ever made

What gets you out of bed faster than anything?
My daughter when she misses the school bus in the morning.

What do you love about your home?
The Kitchen. I love cooking meals for my family and baking treats.

What do you never leave home without?
My phone.

How do you prefer to end your day?
I love to relax at home with my family and dog Ruby.

What show are you currently binge watching?
I love a good serial killer doco and any reality cooking shows.

Star of the Month Nominees

Mitchell Cox – Cleveland, Queensland
Mitchell is a very dedicated support worker who helps with last minute shifts, is a great communicator and goes above and beyond with his participants.

Sheila Cadenas – Werribee, Victoria
Sheila is very committed to her participants, self-organised and great with communication.

Leander Mendiola – Bundoora, Victoria
Leander goes above and beyond for his participant and shows committed to his support programs.

Monica Callahan – Brisbane North, Queensland
Monica has been employed with us since 14th of September and she has been thriving in this role. Monica has built from the ground up amazing relationships with our higher complex participants. She always goes above and beyond to ensure our participant’s are supported, she has great communication with the office, the participants and their families, she excels within her scope and values her boundaries and the companies policies. She is someone we can depend on and call upon and are lucky to have her within our team.

New Support Staff

Ali, Allanah, Shalu, Teddi-Jo, Jeremiah, Harmony, Kristan, Eleni

Gideon, Diamond ,Arjun Vishnu, Lou Van, Grace, Geoffrey, Meena, Maan, Savita, Cristal, Gabrielle, Pocchollo Marris, Sunita, Ravi

Kalpana, Rajendra, Jaspreet, Lily, Dilshan, Srijana, Bhupal, Melanie, Korrena

New Office Workers

Tyson Thompson
Hello, My name is Tyson and I’m in the role of Service Coordinator. I have lived on the Gold Coast now for about 4 years. In my free time I enjoy fishing in my kayak, reading and spending time exploring the Gold Coast hiking trails. I have travelled to over 40 countries and have well and truly got the travel bug!

Office Updates

Tara Burns has moved over as a Clinical Coordinator for QLD, she will be supporting all our nursing and high-need participants updating training, care plans as well as business development.