General Information

Note to Support Workers: When you need to make changes to your scheduled shifts, please call your local office directly. Please DO NOT text the Service Coordinators as the message may be missed or not seen for some time.

By calling the office directly, you can be assured that your request will be actioned promptly.


Happy birthday to all of our staff with birthdays in July & August!

Victoria Field Staff: Rashmi B, Michelle C, John C, Joseph D, Mitchell D, Sagal D, Mathew G, Rajvir K, Nakita H, Ethan H, Claresta J, Cynaida K, Carmelle M, Camren M, Hana O, Shiela P, Jezelee R, Raffaela T
Tasmania Field Staff: Dinupa B, Debbie O, Anita T

Victoria Office Staff: Jessica A, Blayne D, Natasha H, Diana R

Victoria Field Staff: Betsy B, Albert B, Dinesh C, Marjorie C, Ian D, Sunny E, Fraulyn H, Maviric I, Abigail I, Jashandeep K, Jeremiah M, Hayley N, Richel P, Naomi T
Tasmania Field Staff: Elizabeth B, Kailey K, Sumita V, Shanna W

Victoria Office Staff: Karlen
Tasmania Office Staff: Loui

New Support Staff

Welcome aboard to all of our new staff from July and August!

Shilpa A, Alysa A, Regine B, Betsy B, Roditta C, Matthew C, Tianna C, Michelle C, AJ C, Ian D, Parbati G, Ethan H, Heide H, Mangaza J, Dinesh L, Janelle M, Mona M, Sowda M, Mduduzi N, Raffaela T, Aaron A, Ankur A, Erlyn B, Victoria J, Rens L, Jacqueline P, Karina P, Maria R, Jagdev S

Usha B, Ashley B, Alicia D, Koyinsola G, Pawanjot K, Sumita V, Sharmila Y

Star of the Month

Star of the Month: Ethan Hocking

Ethan Hocking – Bendigo, VIC
Ethan started with us with no support work experience, his picked up on going shifts with a participant and his made a huge difference in their life.

Ethan has encouraged him to do household tasks he had no interest in doing but will now do them even with Ethan not around, he’s teaching him to show him how to do basic tasks again.

The participant and his wife are so happy with Ethan.
He’s doing amazing!

About Me
I’m 20 years old. Love cars, farming and all things outdoors

When did you join CNHC?
July 2023

What do you love most about your job?
Having new experiences and meeting new people

What is the major accomplishment you had after joining CNHC?
Learning how to provide the care

What lead you to this career?
Wanted to try something different, love caring and helping others

How is your journey with CNHC so far?
Really good

What gets you out of bed faster than anything?
Going to a car show

What do you love about your home?
The overall environment, and the pets. I own a dog, cat, bird and many fish

What do you never leave home without?
Asthma puffer

How do you prefer to end your day?
Sitting down to watch a movie

What show are you currently binge watching?
The Simpsons

Star of the Month Nominees

Claresta Jessy – Bundoora, VIC
Jessy have contributed years of experience and compassion working with client’s who has disability which made her a great asset of Complete Nursing.

She has maintained great work ethic and dedication in supporting her participants to achieve their goals in life.

Jessy also formed amazing connections and rapport with the care team members of her participants program and kept this growing with respect and constant communication.

Support Worker Toni-Lee Pinner, Hobart, TAS

Toni-Lee Pinner – Hobart, TAS
Toni joined CNHC Tasmania as Disability Support Worker in December 2020, and has been supporting our participants since then.

Toni has been nominated as the nominee for the star of the month by our Service Coordinator Elisha, and with the great feedback “she is always so happy to go to shifts, pick up shifts, very caring of the clients and wellbeing, she is always more than happy to train other staff to come on to programs, Always getting great feedback from all clients, they are always asking for Toni, I Had to tell one client as he only wanted Toni, that she is totally booked out as everyone just loves Toni.”

Keep up the great work Toni!!

New Office Workers

Sam Do – Bundoora (HR)
Sam joined our HR team in August 2023 and is passionate about people and process. Sam completed his Bachelor studies at La Trobe University and is currently enrolled in his Masters.
After Sam finished his HRM Bachelor’s Degree, he went back home to Vietnam for 8 months and became a temporary IELTS teacher, teaching valuable English writing, speaking, listening, and reading skills to the students there.
Sam has hit the ground running and has been a great addition to the team bringing eagerness, ideas, and a great attitude to his work so far.
We look forward to our future with Sam as part of our HR team at CNHC.

Office Updates

Hobart, Tasmania
Hobart is preparing to turn 4 years old! Hobart is approaching our 4-year anniversary at the beginning of September.
We’ve grown so much over the last 4 years and we’d like to thank our Support Workers for their continued hard work and commitment to our Participant’s.

We are still patiently waiting on council approval before we can announce our new office location to you all but we’re so excited!

Office Staff Milestones

We’d like to acknowledge some of our office staff who have recently completed milestones within the company.

1 Year Anniversaries
Congratulations to our Community Coordinator Casey from Tasmania, who has celebrated her one year anniversary with CNHC in this role. Casey previously worked with us as a Support Worker for a number of years.
We would also love to congratulate our HR Administrative Assistant, Caitlyn from Victoria who is also celebrating her one year anniversary with us.

5 Year Anniversaries
We’d also like to acknowledge our staff who have recently completed 5 years with us over the last few months:
Fiona and Kusum from Finance celebrated their 5 year anniversaries in July.
Service Coordinator Amie from Victoria celebrated her 5 year anniversary in December 2022.
Senior Administrator Marjorie from Victoria also celebrated her 5 year anniversary in December 2022.

8 Year Anniversary
Our Accounts Manager Charity from Victoria has recently completed 8 years with the company, she has made the incredible progression from Support Worker to Accounts Manager over the years and is an amazing asset to CNHC.

We’d like to congratulate all of our staff on their milestones with the company!