General Information

Note to Support Workers: When you need to make changes to your scheduled shifts, please call your local office directly. Please DO NOT text the Service Coordinators as the message may be missed or not seen for some time.

By calling the office directly, you can be assured that your request will be actioned promptly.


Happy birthday to all of our staff with birthdays in September & October!

Victoria Field Staff: Pocchollo Marris, Ebrar, Alyssa, Marvie, AJ Jade, Leander, Kristy, Simran, Caroline, Anna, Cynthia, Xyrish
Tasmania Field Staff: Kylie, Ruby, Suvash, Romiya, Leah, Jodie, Kyarna

Victoria Office Staff: Girish

Victoria Field Staff: Deepa, Antonio Carlos, Susan, Lifeng, Karen Rose, Marvin Ulysses Quino, Amanpreet, Ruyan (Lily), Jhonalyn, Louis Ivan, Kathleen, Allanette Cates, Sowda, Lee, Eric John, Tania, Gladysh, Carlota, Yogendra, Judy Jucil, Lesly
Tasmania Field Staff: Justine, Shelly-Ann, Sameera, Jessica, Natalie, Sneha, Lovepreet, Alicia, Ashley, Pawanjot

Victoria Office Staff: Jesse
Tasmania Office Staff: Fiona, Laura

New Support Staff

Welcome aboard to all of our new staff from September & October!

Audrey Luke, Lisa, Antonio Carlos, Marvin Ulysses Quino, Deeka, Sanjay, Mary Ann, Kathleen, Karima, Emily, Princess Apple Tagnipez, Lee, Anthony, Roselle, Cristel Mayne, Hannah, Thommachan

Natalie, Akriti, Suvash

Star of the Month

Star of the Month: Jhonalyn Malupa

Jhonalyn Malupa – Bundoora, VIC
Jhonalyn is the epitome of stability on her shifts with Complete Nursing. She’s maintained the same clientele for more than 3 years now. She’s built trust, rapport and consistency with the quality of support she is providing towards her clients.

About Me
I am 45 years but usually mistaken to be like in my 20’s. I have 3 children. I got married 2013 to my husband. I was a teacher in the Philippines for 5 years. Way back before I became a teacher, I was a Front Desk Clerk/Secretary in the Fitness Company.

Fast forward, in 2018, I was looking for job but didn’t have any luck. I just started getting a job when I finished my Certificate 3 in Health Services Assistant in 208. It was interesting cos we were able to work in the hospital in the City with the nurses in ICU which I have learned and applied my skills as a PSA. I have decided to take another course of Certificate in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community). Then l started working at Complete Nursing. At the moment I am happy working with my 2 jobs. Busy with my children, dropping then off picking them up and busy at home as a mother.

When did you join CNHC?
I started working at Complete Nursing in July 2020.

What do you love most about your job?
I love my job because the best part of it is working with people. You have the best chance to help them, not only assisting them in carrying out essential daily tasks but also you provide them companionship and emotional support. It is also a rewarding feeling if you improve their quality of life, same feeling with teaching in a school when I was a teacher. You make a real difference to people’s lives.

What is the major accomplishment you had after joining CNHC?
Major accomplishment in life after joining CNHC. With variety of responsibilities I have taken, I become better at all aspects. For being empathetic and compassionate, It’s all about what makes me happy and other happy. Seeing people smile makes me know I have made a positive impact on their lives.

What lead you to this career?
Aside from being compassionate, would you believe that my inspiration that leads me to this career is my mother who passed away. Because I am grieving and longing for my mum, I felt like I would like to bring back the time we spent together and I could only do that by building a relationship to other people who are in most need like my mum when she was sick. I said to myself, “Why not study this course?” Then I did.

How is your journey with CNHC so far?
My journey with CNHC is a wonderful journey. I have met a lot of people with different cultures. I was able to help people with mental health problems, learning difficulties, and disabilities. I have develop patience and understanding. Also all the staff of CNHC are so supportive and kind.

What gets you out of bed faster than anything?
Aside from my passion for helping others, it’s my children that motivates me every day. My family that motivates me to work harder. My body is like an alarm clock. When the clock reaches 4 am my eyes automatically opens whether there is work or nothing. I don’t know why.

What do you love about your home?
My home is a happy place for me that memories are made. I love my bedroom where you begin each day and rest your head each night. Would you believe that my children have their own room and bed but still sleeps in my bed. Once they are asleep in their own bed they move to my bed to hug me and continue sleeping. When they are tired, they call me and ask me to come to bed and hug them. I love my kitchen too where I can be very busy cooking food for the family. I love doing laundry too and folding clothes. I don’t know why. Hehe. I love my garden. While I am busy in the garden my kids playing around. When I see flowers, I feel delighted and bring positive vibes. You can seldom see me in the lounge room but I make sure that Friday night is time to sit in the lounge room with children watching Netflix.

What do you never leave home without?
I never leave home without my big bag with lots of stuff in it. I think my big bag has everything in it that I need for every instance. With my big bag I feel like I am bringing my whole house.

How do you prefer to end your day?
I prefer to end my day with everything is prepared for tomorrow. Like what will my children be bringing to school, their lunchboxes, their bag, clothes, what will we have for dinner. Something like that, that doesn’t make you worry and can get to bed easily. I teach my children to pray before going to bed. And always never forget to say good night and kiss to everyone.

What show are you currently binge watching?
I have just finished the movie Nowhere. I’ve been currently watching the episode, “The Surrogacy” a Mexican drama. It was funny because I was crying yesterday. I felt like I was in the movie.

Star of the Month Nominees

Lisa Blazely – Hobart, TAS
Lisa’s participants say that she is always willing to help wherever she is needed and happy to do so.
With such amazing feedback from all her participants, Lisa is admired as great professional asset to Complete Nursing in its mission to deliver quality support to every participant. Her compassion and empathy with her clients have been noted and commended.

April Maan Sambas – Bundoora, VIC
April goes above and beyond to deliver quality care and support to her participants to help them achieving their NDIS goals.
April’s support is respectful, reliable, caring, and patient. She also demonstrates excellent communication and listening skills. Delivering high-quality work makes a positive impact on the lives of her participants. April is a tremendous professional asset to the team and we all appreciate her extraordinary efforts.

New Office Workers

Laura O’Neill – Hobart
My name is Laura, and I’ve recently joined the team as the Regional Networking Manager in Tasmania.

Summer is my favourite time of year; I love being able to get together with my beautiful family and friends for BBQs, beach days, and camping.

I’m excited to have started my journey with the amazing team at CNHC, and I look forward to getting to know our participants and support workers.

Victoria have recently added some new faces around the offices. Please welcome the following staff to CNHC:
Regie – HR Recruitment Coordinator
Lexie – Senior Networking Service Coordinator
Princess – Human Resources Coordinator
Anthony – Disability Assistance Department Manager (Werribee)

Office Updates

Hobart, Tasmania
We have finally received our council permit approval and the countdown is on until we move into our new office!
We will update you all once we are moved into our new location.
Exciting times ahead for our Hobart team!

Victoria and Tasmania
Our VIC/TAS Operations Manager Sharyn who has been with us since early 2021 has made the decision to retire.

Sharyn has been an incredible asset to CNHC these past few years, bringing a lot of knowledge, guidance, and laughter to the team. There are not enough words to describe the impact that Sharyn has made at CNHC and she will be dearly missed by all staff. Sharyn is currently in the process of building her forever home with plenty of space for the future rescue animals.

Sharyn has walked a marvelous journey in her professional life and we are wishing her all the best as she goes on retirement.


Victoria and Tasmania
We are actively recruiting for Support Workers across Victoria and Tasmania.
You can view our current vacancies on by clicking here.

Please also encourage your friends, family, or colleagues to view our vacancies and apply through Seek, or via the careers page on our website.