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Star of the Month and other nominees (April 2022)

Star of the Month and other nominees (April 2022)

Star of the month – Zerubbabel Gudia

CNHC is blessed to have some truly exceptional talent amongst our field and office staff. This is what enables us to deliver quality care to our participants. Every month we try to identify a Support worker/RN who has earned remarkable praise from a shortlist submitted by either the coordination team/participants/support coordinators. The Star of the Month is someone who embodies the company values of ‘Respect, Integrity, Quality and Commitment’.  For this month we have Zerubbabel Gudia.

1. When did you join CNHC? 

I started with CNHC in April 2019.

2. What do you love most about your job?

The part I love about my job is the thought of being able to help and support the participants for them to meet their goals. Their happy faces give me the validation that I was able to do my job efficiently.

3. What is the major accomplishment you had after joining CNHC?

 It could be to know that the participants are happy working with me as well as my efforts are acknowledged by them.

4. What lead you to this career?

CNHC was introduced to me by my friends who have been happily working in the industry.

5. How is our journey with CNHC so far?

 I feel blessed and grateful for the opportunity. There are challenges along the way but you just have to look at the positive side of it then you’ll get through it.

6. What gets you out of bed faster than anything?

It’s my alarm. There is no way I could extend my sleep.

7. What do you love about your home?

 The thing I love about home is having the luxury of time to rest and relax.

8. What do you never leave home without?

Phone, key and mask.

9. How do you prefer to end your day?

A call from family back home or a sweet treat for a long day.

10. What show are you currently binge-watching?

 I had always been a fan of Korean series but I stopped for a while because they make me sleepless.

Meet our other nominees


Maylyn Candelario 

Support Worker (VIC)

Maylyn is patient-focused, and motivated and has shown great enthusiasm for supporting her client. She acts in a professional manner, and is very responsive and proactive in client care while building rapport with them. She is always open to challenges offered which are evident in how dynamic her clienteles are. Consequently, she also cooperates with and works well within a team. She’s an absolute gem of CNHC.






Mustafa Afshin

Support Worker (VIC)

Mustafa is extremely motivated and goes above and beyond for his participants. He is willing to travel far to support the participants that he has built a great rapport with and I have received positive feedback in regards him often from both his participants and their families.





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