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Office updates (June 2022)

Complete Insight

Quarter 1 Update

Company Value: Respect – Review communication across all levels of the company

76% of people who completed the survey strongly agreed / agreed that they are receiving respectful and honest communication from all levels of management across the Company.

We have analyzed all the great feedback we received and will be working on an action plan to implement some changes to address the required themes identified!

We wanted to provide an overview of what these will include and will advise as the action plan is finalized:

  • Team Building Opportunities and training across all levels of staff
  • Events Calendar – We will be setting up an events committee who will assist in organising all Company events (if you are interested in volunteering to join the events committee, please contact the HR team)
  • Staff Management – a review of communication across all levels will be completed and improvements will be introduced. This may include an Online Resources Library, Communication Forums, utilising MYP more efficiently to support with communication

All feedback was constructive and valuable, and we appreciate everyone taking the time to complete the survey.



Quarter 2 – Staff Survey Launched on 9 May 2022

The second staff survey for 2022 focuses on the Company Value – INTEGRITY.

We will be analyzing all the responses received from this survey and will provide an update on the outcome at the end of August 2022.

Positive Feedback from another provider for Complete Nursing and Home Care (Cleveland)

Our Cleveland Team received some fabulous feedback from another provider, FIRST Service in April 2022.  The Cleveland Team has been supporting our client alongside this other provider for a while and as of April 2022, Complete Nursing and Home Care will be the sole provider.

The feedback received was as follows:

“Based on the interactions with Complete Nursing and Home Care and having the opportunity to support the client, Marco several times over the past months, I have no doubt Marco is thriving, happier and content under Complete Nursing and Home Care’s care. Belinda and her team in Cleveland are a credit to the organisation & the professional and genuine support they provide.”

Great to have another provider boost about us! Great work Cleveland!


HR Updates (June 2022)

MYP Pocketwatch (Difference between Client Notes and General Notes)

We want to clarify on MYP Pocketwatch that there is a difference between Client Notes and General Notes and where to enter them. Please see the below instructions which explain what each of these notes should be used for:


Please include your Client Notes in the section outlined in red below. Client Notes are to be documented at the end of every shift and should briefly summarise events on each shift. They act as a communication tool for staff, families and the organization and reflect on a client’s movement towards achieving their goals.

These are the same as ‘Case Notes’ that you previously submitted in the old system, ProSims.






Please include any general notes regarding your shift in the section outlined in red below.  Examples include if you had to do overtime if you left earlier than your rostered time due to a client sending you home early (During office hours: Must contact the office staff for approval prior to leaving. During Afterhours, please message your relevant coordinator who will note this the following day) and any issues Checking In or Checking Out of a shift due to no phone reception etc.






Thank you and welcome back

Farewell (Cleveland)

  • Shelley Pearson

Shelley Pearson has decided to leave Complete Nursing, Shelley has been here from the beginning as a support worker and come into the office in 2019.

We wish Shelley all the best with her future endeavours.

Farewell (Melbourne/Werribee)

  • Princess Delcorro

Princess Delcorro has decided to leave Complete Nursing as Service Coordinator. She has been here from the beginning as a support worker and comes into the office in 2021.

We wish Princess all the best with her future endeavours.

  • Sanjida Rahman

Sanjida Rahman has decided to leave Complete Nursing as Service Coordinator which was covered as Maternity cover.

We wish Sanjida all the best in her future endeavours.

We look forward to welcoming back the following Service coordinators

  • Michelle Min
  • Karolina Bukarica

who are all returning from their maternity leave periods between the end of May and June.

Farewell (Tasmania)

  • Petrina Nunn

Petrina Nunn has decided to leave Complete Nursing as Service Coordinator.

We wish Petrina all the best in her future endeavours.


We want your feedback!

  • Would you like to see your face, team, or share any particular interest or event with the Company? Send your best, high-resolution photos to and we will choose a winner for each issue. Please make sure you help us identify all your beautiful faces.
  • Please ensure you notify the HR team via if you have any updated certificates such as CPR, First Aid, NDIS Screening Clearance, Work Permits etc. You can also update the above details by yourself on MYP Pocketwatch by accessing your Employee Details Form.


Uprise Update

For the month of May, Uprise offered 3 very useful webinars for our full-time office workers.

  1. ‘How to recognise burnout’
  2. ‘Creating your personal stress management plan’
  3. ‘What happens with my body when I’m stressed?’


The list of June webinars with Uprise are as follows:

  1. What are your Personal Values?  – 9th June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)
  2. Improve Your Financial Health – 15th June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)
  3. Financial Mindset… Learnt or Chosen? – 22nd June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)
  4. How to be Courageous: Going out of my Comfort Zone – 29th June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)

How to use Uprise, click here.

Star of the Month

Star of the Month (Melbourne)

John Rey Antonio

John has proved to be extremely reliable and committed to his participants. John is very responsive and has great communication skills. Management saw great potential in John’s skills both in the field and in his recruitment background and he has been asked to assist with some projects in the office.

  • When did you join CNHC?

I joined Complete Nursing and Home Care in February 2022.

  • What do you love most about your job?

It is far different from my previous job, but I love being able to support people with disabilities, make them feel valued as a person and of course, work with other support workers which builds up my connections.


  • What is the major accomplishment you had after joining CNHC?

Being able to establish rapport with my clients and familiarize complex tasks in a limited time.

  • What lead you to this career?

My grandfather, who just turned 102 years old, has been my role model ever since. He lives his life very independently which made me realise that every person should be empowered to live according to their likes and wants. Just like him, I want to share my realisations with others and encourage them to live as independent as possible. With that, I decided to change my career and take a role as a support worker.

  • How is our journey with CNHC so far?

It’s a great privilege to work in a supportive environment which I like the most with CNCH. The staff are very supportive, and they always show professionalism and commitment with their work not only in coordinating with clients but also in assisting support workers.

  • What gets you out of bed faster than anything?

Reminding myself of my responsibilities and thinking of the person who is waiting for me for my help/assistance.

  • What do you love about your home?

It’s warm and cosy.

  • What do you never leave home without?

Phone, keys, wallet, and windshield jacket during cold seasons.

  • How do you prefer to end your day?

Grab a cup of chamomile tea while checking my social media accounts or while talking to my mum via a video call.

  • Friends

Nominee of the Month


Carolyn Redshaw (Gold coast)

Carolyn has been a support worker with Complete Nursing and Homecare since December 2021, in this time Carolyn has shown initiative and great empathy toward those she has supported, and she has shown to go above and beyond when needed






Siobhan Newman (Gold coast)

Siobhan has been working with Complete nursing and Homecare since January 2022, during this time she has shown that she has great attention to detail and is very compassionate and understanding toward the participants that she supports within the community.







Ruby Saini (Tasmania)

Ruby has been with CNHC since July 2021 and is a valued member of the field staff. During the recent Easter holiday period, she has been instrumental in picking up additional shifts to make sure continuity of support in a complex care program. Ruby’s dedication and reliability are greatly valued by the CNHC TAS team.



Meet our new staff members June 2022

New Queensland Office Staff


Thomas Simson (Service Coordinator – Cleveland)

I completed my chef apprenticeship in Brisbane before moving to Melbourne for a few years to work. I owned and operated a café for a couple of years, then returned to Brisbane to be closer to the family after having a baby.

I worked at Micah Projects in West End, where I became more engaged in the works of a social enterprise. It was then I decided to pursue a career in social services and became a DSW for Complete Nursing and Home Care.

I had a fantastic time with clients and found the progress we made to be extremely rewarding, however after a year or so, I have now transitioned to the role of a Service Coordinator where I’ll expand my knowledge of the company and industry.



Caysie Mulkearns (Service Coordinator – Cleveland)

Hi. My name is Caysie. I have been working in Disability Support as a Support Worker for 3.5 years and 3 of those have been with Complete Nursing & Home Care.

Prior to this, I was a stay-at-home mum to 2 girls. My greatest passion is children and helping others in need. In the future, I hope to one day become a counsellor.

I am enjoying my new role as a Service Coordinator at the Complete Nursing & Home Care Cleveland Office, and look forward to speaking to and working with all Complete Nursing’s staff and clients.

Patricia Jardine (Client Services Manager – Brendale)

Hi, My Name is Trisha Jardine. I am the new Client Services Manager for the North Brisbane office.

I am excited to be a part of the Complete Nursing and Home Care Queensland team working to expand our participants and exposure on the north side. I have been working in the disability sector for 10 years. I started off as a support worker and had various roles, but mental health, high behaviours and accommodations are my passions.

On a personal note, I have two beautiful dogs Walter the Labrador and Luna the dachshund. My partner and I are due to be married this coming November but don’t worry, the Bridezilla hasn’t come out yet. I’m a crazy Aunty to 6 nieces and love spending time with them. Please reach out, I would love to get to know you all and am keen to learn what motivates you in this amazing industry we work in.

New Queensland Support Workers (from April 2022)






New Victoria Support Workers (from April 2022)

Charanjeet   Support Worker Charanjeet brings strong experience and well-developed communication skills which can be used as the asset to the organisation.


Currently studying at Gordon Café with a bachelor’s degree in Certificate IV in Disability

He is quite compassionate and empathetic towards the Participants







Pooja KC

She is hardworking ,motivated, good team player with great time management skills and hands-on Diploma of Nursing. She is always keen on seeking an opportunity to improve and utilize her knowledge in the field of Disability and Community Services.

Jeewan KC

A determined, enthusiastic, and experienced personnel dedicated to doing the best for the Disability Services


Organized/capable of multitasking working calmly under pressure, patient-centred care, therapeutic communication, critical thinking, teamwork, personal care and hygiene, time management






She was employed with Complete nursing and Home Care in 2017, however, decided to go on indefinite leave on 31st May 2021

We appreciate and welcome her back as re-joined









She is committed to the delivery of person-centred nursing care and the holistic health and wellbeing of her clients







Increased skills in therapeutic exercise, modality usage, and proper draping techniques

Competent in providing documentation for client care, including initial evaluation, management planning, PT notes, and discharge plan.






New Bendigo Support Workers (from April 2022)


interested in obtaining a position as an Animal Support Worker

Completed Year Twelve VCE

Current fourth-year student of Master of Occupational Therapy and Bachelor of Applied Science degree at La Trobe University




New Tasmania Support Workers (from April 2022)


She would add as a valuable team member to our organisation

She can build a good rapport with both colleagues and clientele

She has a soft nature, and a good sense of humour but always stays professional

She can work unsupervised with showing her excellent skills in caring






An energetic person with 10 years of experience in excellent all-around skills in retail customer service and disability support worker sector. A reliable, well-organized, punctual, responsible, and self-motivated professional with a strong commitment to providing quality personal support for people with disabilities to live with maximum dignity and comfort

Staff Celebration (April & May 2022)

Here’s wishing all April & May Birthday babies a very Happy Birthday!

Queensland Office Staff: Emily, Max, Ella and Thomas

Queensland Support Workers: Michelle, Elisabed, Julie, Abby, Christine, Eliza, Pankaj, Ricky, Linda, Allana, Arthur, Christian, Dalal, Eunice, Joaquim, Magaret F, Magaret R, Marika, Ruby, Shannon, Sharon, Suzette and Tracie

Victoria Office Staff: Damir, Karolina, Anilou, Hidd, and Hayley

Victoria Support Workers: Ednalyn Marie, Maylyn, Lai Miao, Juliet, Kayla, Margaret, Fadumo, Trixie, Giulio, Talvinder, Mi, Yvette, Connie, Lana, Amal, Catherine, Sandra, Deepa, Gilbert, Daniela, Kevin, Fathima, Sheila, Tecie, Subbulakshmi, Laxmi, Angus, Maximo, Timothy, and Nicole

Tasmania Support Workers: Chathura, Christopher, Esther, Gina, Katrina, Lisa, Marjorie, Modeline, Reena, Samuel, and Trent

Shout out to all our long-serving staff members who have been with CNHC for 5 years!

Victoria Office Staff: Mariedel, Marjorie, Charity, Karolina, Amie

Victoria Support Worker: Tania, Margaret, Lynda, Jennifer, Claresta, Pallavi, Yvette, Carlos, Gurpreet, Mclaine, Danijela, Geethamni, Diana, Leo, Danielle, Kerrie, Maximo, Trixie, Mun, Joel, Gilbert, Sarah, Namco, Jess Anna, Sandra, Tecie, Liying, Vince and Kevin.


Help is here – Uprise (Employee Assistance Program)

Complete Nursing & Home Care is pleased to announce that Uprise is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for the company. 

Uprise is an award-winning full-spectrum Mental Health Tech company that builds both preventative and treatment solutions. Their mission is to provide scientifically proven skills to help people to look after their own mental health and to make it simple to access a therapist.

You may access a launch video here explaining the other pertinent details of the EAP. You can also find Uprise’s business card here.

Or have a look at the 2-minute video here or below for better understanding on how the program works.


24/7 Booking Trunkline (1300 209 371) – Please note though that the trunkline is NOT A COUNSELLING LINE. The Reception Team is different from the Therapy Team, thus, they do not conduct counselling sessions. But you can send through your request for booking through this line.
Digital Platform – This is available via the webpage ( or via the mobile app (can be downloaded on Google Play or Apple App Store) 
Wellbeing & Stress Check (can be found through the digital platform) 
Risk Callbacks – Risk callback (RCB) is our proactive approach to call users who get low Wellbeing Scores from the Wellbeing Check that can be found on the digital platform. 
Telehealth Services (Counselling Sessions that are usually done via phone or video call) 
Face-to-Face Counselling (subject to management’s approval and will incur additional charges)
Remote Critical Incident Response (subject to management’s approval and will incur additional charges)
Onsite Critical Incident Response (subject to management’s approval and will incur additional charges)


Below are the instructions on how to create an account. 

Via the Mobile App Version:
  • Download the iPhone app here or the Android version here
  • Create an account using the code: completenursing (for Complete Nursing AU) or completenursing-ts (for Complete Nursing TAS)
Via the Desktop/Web Version:
  • Visit 
  • Create an account using the code: completenursing (for Complete Nursing AU) or completenursing-ts (for Complete Nursing TAS)
Kindly note that by creating an account, you may also book a coaching or therapy session with our coaches (supported via phone or video calls). You can do this by following the instructions below:
  • Select a clinician
Go to ‘Coaching’ in the menu and click on the button ‘Change a Coach’ to choose from our clinicians, or stick to the one randomly allocated to your account
  •  Book your session

Click on the button ‘Book a therapy session‘ to see availability for 1 hr sessions instead of 30 min coaching sessions

Select the day/time that suits you in the clinician’s calendar
Done! The clinician will call you on the date/time you booked! Make sure you pickup this call.
Face-to-face sessions can be requested via this link.
IMPORTANT:  Please note that the number of sessions pre-approved by the company is: 3 total per year



There are 4 main ways for employees to access/request support and therapy:

Through the Uprise platform by registering with the employer code: completenursing (for Complete Nursing AU) or completenursing-ts (for Complete Nursing TAS)
By requesting support here:
By sending an email to 
By calling the trunkline: 1300 209 371

If you have further questions regarding the EAP, feel free to contact them on the details indicated above. You may also want to check their FAQs here.

HR Updates (April 2022)

CNHC Support Staff Submit Leave / Unavailability through MYP Pocketwatch

Please note we are introducing an easier way to submit your leave/unavailability in MYP Pocketwatch. Kindly use the following 6 stepsand do not add unavailability in your personal calendar.

1 On your myShift page and click View leave button.


2 Use create button to create new leave request.

3 Select your leave period.

4 Select Casual unavailability as the Leave Type.

5 Provide a reason in the Reason/details* field.

6 Submit the Request using Submit button.

*Please note If you have any questions with regards to this please do not hesitate to contact HR on 30 8560 3090.


KM allowance

  • You can record your kms travelled for work with a client in this section
  • You must provide your trip logs in the reason field
  • Add any Uber or parking costs for reimbursements by attaching receipts
  • Remember: Allowances can only be added before you check out of the shift
  • Remember : Always check with your Coordinator for pre-approval of mileage claims or reimbursements
  • NOTE : Please note you cannot claim travel in between the clients house

Check out CNHC Werribee fresh paint job!

See our vibrant and freshly painted CNHC Branch in Werribee at 38, Duncans Road, Werribee, it surely stands out now!!



We want your feedback!



  • Would you like to know more about any community events?
  • Would you like us to include any other milestone celebrations?
  • Any interest?
  • What other thoughts do you have about this Newsletter? (either positive or constructive feedback)?

If there is anything you wish to see in our next Newsletter edition, please let us know by emailing anytime.





Meet our new staff members

Meet our new office workers




Tara Burns – Service Coordinator (Brendale office)

I am many things, a Fiancé, a Mum of three boys, Mason (6-year-old), Jax (4-year-old) and Cooper (20-month-old), Service Coordinator, Nurse, Chef, Councillor, Cleaner, Uber. You name it, I am it 😊  I was in nursing for 5 years and have 6 years of previous retail management experience. I go to the gym and love being outdoors but also prefer my own space with a book and a cup of tea (such a granny). I have my own business online in Health and Wellness with a holistic health platform and have been running this for 12 months now. I love a challenge and I can be quite stubborn. I came into my current role after working nightshift and working casually as a Disability Support Worker. I was looking for a role that gives me a sense of community and a physical/tangible team.




Artika Kumari

I am a certified project management disciple with a master’s in computing science and a proven record in valued-based programs delivery through commitment, shared purpose, and achievement of enterprise goals. Adaptable, self-driven, results-oriented, and able to make decisions under high pressure. Originally from Fiji, I have moved to Melbourne to complete my master’s in digital health.  I am passionate about inventing technological solutions to aid health care practice. Extensive education and 12+ years of experience in Business Intelligence, database administration, application development, digitalization, business process reengineering, people management, problem-solving, strategic planning, and communication skills.  Looking forward to working with the team and learning and growing together with all.


Welcome our new support workers


  • Ramon
  • Yadeni
  • Subbulakshmi
  • Karlen
  • Joanne
  • Talvinder
  • Amal
  • Venessa
  • Manisha
  • Jasper Gorgon


  • Adil
  • Esther
  • Marina

Please help us make our new office and support staff feel welcome to the Team at CNHC!!

Staff Celebrations (April 2022)

Here’s wishing all March Birthday babies a very Happy Birthday!

QLD Support Workers: Kaitlyn, Breannah, Owen, Victoria, Mitchell, Zesty, Siena, William, Julie, Jennifer Feldwick, David, Memory, Stacey, Jennifer Kerr, Maria.

VIC Office Staff: Artika, Sanjida, Paras, Alexandra.

VIC Support Workers: Margaret, Lynda, Carlos, Vilca, Carmen, Christian, Ivy, Maria Irma, Louis Ivan, Sheila Poquito, joseph Del, Nicole Wood, Hang Thi, Tahnee Nicole, Anoja, Rebekah, Subbulakshmi, Talvinder, Ramon Jed, Yadeni.

TAS Support Workers: Esther, Marina, Leah, Loan.


Shout out to all our long-serving staff members who have been with CNHC for 5 years!!

VIC Office Staff: Mariedel, Marjorie, Amie.

VIC Support Workers: Tania, Margaret, Lynda, Jennifer, Claresta, Pallavi, Yvette, Carlos, Gurpreet, Mclaine, Danijela, Geethamani, Diana, Leo, Danielle, Kerrie, Maximo, Trixie, Mun, Joel, Gilbert, Sarah, Janette, Namco, Jess Anna, Sandra, Tecie, Liying, June Isabelle, Vince Niel, Kevin.