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Thank you Fiona Rodrigo

Hi, my name is Fiona, and I am from the CNHC Hobart office. To commemorate the National Blood Donor Week, which was between 13th June – 19th June, I rolled up my sleeve to complete my 3rd blood donation to save lives. The feeling of being able to give life/ save lives makes me a committed blood donor. Like many, I was nervous about having needles, but after having my first tattoo, I gained the confidence to sleeve up for a little sting for a second to help save the lives of those in need, and I took the Bloody Oath to be a regular donor. According to the lifeblood statistics, “A new blood donor is needed every 4 minutes”. Let’s sleeve up to help those in need, as one donation can save up to 3 lives. So why not? The feeling of the little prick is worth it.



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