Complete Nursing & Home Care is pleased to announce that Uprise is the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for the company. Uprise is an award-winning full-spectrum Mental Health Tech company that builds both preventative and treatment solutions. Their mission is to provide scientifically proven skills to help people to look after their own mental health and to make it simple to access a therapist.

Uprise Update

For the month of May, Uprise offered 3 very useful webinars for our full-time office workers.

  1. ‘How to recognise burnout’
  2. ‘Creating your personal stress management plan’
  3. ‘What happens with my body when I’m stressed?’


The list of June webinars with Uprise are as follows:

  1. What are your Personal Values?  – 9th June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)
  2. Improve Your Financial Health – 15th June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)
  3. Financial Mindset… Learnt or Chosen? – 22nd June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)
  4. How to be Courageous: Going out of my Comfort Zone – 29th June 2022 (12:30-1:00pm AEDT)

How to use Uprise, click here.

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