Complex Disability Care Support

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Providing High Intensity Support

We are all unique. Some people living with disability need a higher level of support. Our support workers are trained to help people with complex needs.

In some cases, a nurse must provide the in-home care needed. We will identify this with you in our initial consultation. We have qualified nurses able to provide clinical and other specialist support.

We will discuss and document what supports are needed. This includes a visit to your home to make sure that we understand fully what you need. Your support worker or nurse will be trained in the management plan. So that you can be confident that you will receive support that is tailored to your unique needs. For example, we help with:

  • Medication administration
  • Sleepovers
  • Active overnights where support is needed
  • Wound care and dressings
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Non-invasive ventilation
  • Catheter care
  • PEG and NGT tube feedingPalliative care support
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high intensity support

Very happy with the support

After being with Complete Nursing and Home Care for going on seven years, I can say that I am very happy with the support and care I receive

Our most Common Complex Care services

We aim to help you be well-supported in your own home, no matter how complex your needs.

personal care

Medication support

We help you take your medication using the information from your health professional. Of course, there are strict protocols around authorisation, documentation and training.

Active sleepovers

If you need active support overnight, and your home is appropriately set up, we can help. Giving you peace of mind that you or your loved one is well-cared for during the night.

Feeding support

If you need support to intake food, our trained staff can help. We aim to make feeding stress-free and safe for the participant. We will provide a support worker or a qualified nurse, depending on the level of support needed.

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Don’t know where we would be without them…

Read Sean’s Story

Sean’s mother, Liz, tells his story. They live in Werribee.

After hearing about CNHC from another family in 2018, I decided to give them a call when I needed extra support for my son Sean.

Sean is profoundly disabled and requires carers who are well-trained, patient, caring and fit in with the rest of the family.

We started off small with one shift a week for several weeks, but over the years that has now grown to multiple shifts 6 days a week to help support our son’s needs and goals.

In 2019 they were able to provide extra carers to help after his scoliosis operation when he could not attend school. They also supplied carers during the days we were in lockdown because of the pandemic and his day service was closed. CNHC was able to provide help during his recovery from his second surgery in early 2020, and when he was in hospital very sick in 2021.

Hayley, Sean’s coordinator is easy going, understanding, and knows how important it is to keep us informed of any changes. Hayley is very dedicated to making sure that Sean’s carers are suitable for what he requires and is in constant communication with me to ensure things are going smoothly.

Truly, the extra help and support from CNHC was a big factor that helped us survive the multiple lockdowns during the pandemic, don’t know where we would be without them.


Our principles

Our principles guide our practice to meet your needs, organise reliable support and ensure your safety and wellbeing.

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Listening to you

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Keeping you safe

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Improve your well being

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Being reliable

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Here are some of the questions we are often asked. Everyone has unique needs, so please contact us with your questions.

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