Tre’s dream and goal since the age of 13yrs old was to get into modelling and be a model for clothing.

Tre said that until now he has not had the support to follow this dream!

With the support of the NDIS and his Complete Nursing and Home Care support person Tre has the support now needed to follow up on his modelling dream. With the support of his support workers Tre has commenced putting together a portfolio of photos which he has been sharing on Instagram and other social media in the hope that an agency might see his potential and kick off his modelling career. Tre will continue to expand his portfolio of photos with the assistance of his support worker.

Tre is also exploring other options such as approaching modelling agency and exploring opportunities to engage in a modelling course to increase his chances.

Tre wanted to share a photo recently taken for his portfolio, we are very excited for Tre as we know how passionate he is about progressing towards a career in modelling.

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